Slide Rail Kits

Slide Rail Kits

Davey slide rails ease OH&S concerns when handling large sump pumps.

Davey slide rail kits assist with the installation and removal of submersible sump pumps easier and safer. These kist are available to suit vortex, single channel, cutter and grinder models.

The rail kits allow simple connection or disconnection to permanent pipework in the pit or well.  A slide rail system is highly recommended in commercial, grey or black water installations as it can save time and overcome OH&S concerns during routine maintenance.



Documents below are available for download

• Slide Rail Kits Datasheet

ModelRail SizeApplicationPump Outlet Size
SR50 1" Pipe Grinder & 2" outlet Sewage pumps 1 ¼" or 2"
SR80 1 ¼" Pipe 3" outlet Sewage pumps 3"
SR100 1 ½" Pipe 4" outlet Sewage pumps 4"
SR150 1 ½" Pipe 6" outlet Sewage pumps 6"
SR50SS 1" Pipe Stainless Steel Grinder & 2" outlet Sewage pumps 2"
SR80SS 1 ¼" Pipe Stainless Steel 3" & 4" outlet Sewage pumps 3"
SR100SS 1 ½" Pipe Stainless Steel 4" outlet Sewage pumps 4"