Clean and Grey Water Drainage Pumps

Clean and Grey Water Drainage Pumps

A submersible pump that stays cool when not completely submerged

Choose double case submersible pumps when the pump may be at risk of only being partially submerged.  The double case allows for full water flow around the pump motor for superior cooling and a longer pump life.

Double case pumps are capable of pumping clean water with a maximum of 10% small soft organic solids.  Diameter of less than 10mm. Water should be of a neutral pH.  Some accelerated wear is expected when pumping hard solids in suspension.

Suitable applications include:

• Domestic fountains or waterfalls

• Sump emptying

• Emergency flood relief

• Water transfer

• Pumping in partially submerged applications

These pumps are suitable for fish ponds and aquaculture.



ModelkWVoltageOutlet size 
DC10M 0.1 220/240 1"  
DC10A 0.1 220/240 1" with float
DCS40A 0.4 220/240 2" with float
DCS40M 0.4 220/240 2"  
DCS55M 0.55 220/240 2"  
DCS55A 0.55 220/240 2" with float
DCS75M 0.75 220/240 2"  
DCS75A 0.75 220/240 2" with float
DCS150 1.5 220/240 2"  
DCST08 0.75 415 2"