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  • High output, commercial chlorinator systems with reverse polarity cells.
  • Suitable for large residential and commercial pools with a maximum output of 100g/hr.
  • Ideal for school pools, water parks and general public pools.
  • High output salt water chlorinators for commercial and public pools
  • Backed by extensive research and development, knowledge and experience, Davey commercial experts can assist with correct selection for your application.
  • Offer significant long term operational savings over traditional chemical dosing
  • Davey ChloroMatic salt water chlorinators are ideal for residential pool sanitisation.
  • Offers therapeutic, soft water for swimmer comfort.
  • Cost effective, low power use, low chemical cost that is safe for your family.
  • Easy to use, “set and forget” automation
  • Automatic pool sanitising using natural salt
  • Consistently clean and clear water
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