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  • An economical way to treat bacteria and viruses in drinking water, naturally.
  • A large range of models are available to suit most applications.
  • Davey recommend installing prefiltration to ensure the highest penetration of UV light.
  • Proven three stage filtration and UV treatment, removes Giardia,Cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses.
  • Left to right or right to left installation.
  • Easy to install to an existing pump or a Davey water pressure system.
  • A 3 stage treatment process for tank water supplies for whole of house with flows up to 70 lpm.
  • Provides pressure boosting and control, two stage pre-filtration to 1um and UV disinfection.
  • Ideal for school toilet and shower blocks, commercial toilet flushing, guest house water supply and industry water treatment.
  • Economical disinfection of water in a wide variety of applications..
  • UV water disinfection for water volumes of 300 litres per minute.
  • Manage bacteria in a wide range of water flow volumes.
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