Davey TankSense

Published on 20/11/2018


Davey Water Products and Widget Brain present: Davey TankSense™ - the first AI driven monitoring and control app for tank water management.

TankSense allows users to track water usage in real-time and to act on alerts that indicate when water levels are running low. Thanks to the latest AI technology, the app also indicates how many days of water remain based on weather forecasts and household usage.

With TankSense™, tank water management has never been easier.

Introducing AI to tank water management

Widget Brain and Davey Water Products have been working together on several projects before, like the Monsoon IQ™  and the Remote Start Firefighter™. These products highlight top of the class IoT functionalities, but for TankSense™ we wanted to go a step further.

Joel Gresham GM Innovation and Design “When we spoke to customers who rely on rainwater for their home it became obvious they were missing one big piece of the puzzle. Most had no idea how much water they had in their tank, how much they were using, or how many days before they ran out. We developed TankSense to help people better manage this precious resource and give them some peace of mind that when they turn on the tap the water will be there.”

Berend Berendsen - Managing director APAC of Widget Brain: “The TankSense is a great example of how AI technologies can be applied to real world cases helping to save water and make us all more conscious of our water usage. It’s a concrete example of AI improving everyday life.”

Making AI work specifically for TankSense™

What makes the AI application possible is a combination of sensor data from the TankSense sensor, historical usage data, rainfall predictions for the location of the tank and the size of the roof. The sensor monitors the water level in the tank and will provide a historical usage pattern over time. The algorithm will learn from past experiences to increase the accuracy of when the tank will run out of water. External data streams such as weather predictions and the roof size are used to enhance the algorithm even further.

To ensure that the forecasts will always be correct and 100% reliable the algorithms are run on The Algorithm Factory. This Widget Brain platform automatically trains, runs and manages algorithms, making sure that household-specific algorithms will always work optimally for your water tank.

Learn more about TankSense or about the technology behind it.

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