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Published on 13/06/2019

Interested in learning more about Davey products?

Now available is our Davey Online Learning Centre open to all Davey customers and consumers alike. The modules introduce the principles of pumping and provide further training on key Davey products from our water, water treatment and pool ranges. Access is by self registration.

Each course has been designed around helping you learn about the Davey range of products, and how to best select the right product for your customer’s application.

Watch a series of short training videos, followed by a short quiz on each video and you can move onto the next.

At the completion of each course, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion. 

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Training modules currently available are: 

Principles of Pumping


  • Flow Rate
  • Total Head
  • Static Suction Head
  • Friction
  • Demand
  • Duty Point

Household Pressure Systems


  •  Selection Chart
  • Understanding Flow Rate
  • Understanding Pressure
  • Benefits of the Davey range
  • HP & HS Pump Range
  • HM, XP and XJ Pumps
  • Pump Controllers

pool pumps chlorinators filtration


  •  Introduction to pool sizing
  • Selecting the right Davey pool pump
  • The Davey Pool Pump Range
  • Davey Salt Water Chlorinators
  • Filters & Media

 Water treatment


  •  Introduction to water treatment
  • Domestic water treatment options
  • Treating mains water, bore water & surface water
  • Applying our water treatment options

 Davey Firefighter Range


  •  Introduction to Davey Firefighters
  • Firefighter Selection Chart
  • Firefighter Engine Installation
  • Firefighter Pump Installation
  • Self-priming pumps - How do they work?






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