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Published on 28/02/2017

ASSET PROTECTION: Rely on the Davey Remote Start Firefighter as your first line of protection of important assets during a fire emergency.

The risk of BUSHFIRE is a harsh reality and often our biggest assets in semi-rural areas (apart from our homes and immediate surrounds) are livestock, machinery, barns and their contents.  The value of these assets can commonly exceed 100’s of thousands of dollars and in some cases theyare so unique, they are irreplaceable.  Davey has the answer, with our new Remote Start Firefighter® – enabling asset protection from afar. 

Put quite simply, the remote start Firefighter system switches on and off via a mobile phone SMS command using the Telstra 3G network across Australia and Spark 3G Network in New Zealand. As a second level of assurance, heat sensors positioned around the asset will automatically engage the pump to start, when heat from the approaching fire is detected, and confirming to the user that a command has been received. 

The Remote Start Firefighter has the ability to be used for asset protection during the peak of the bushfire season and then repurposed during the cooler months for applications such as water transfer and remotely instigated tank water top up. The optional mobility kit converts it from a stationary pump unit into a portable one, making it easily manoeuvrable for other water pumping tasks in and around your property. 

Remote Start Firefighter truly is a system that can be utilised all year round and for a moderate investment as part of a bushfire management system, you too can protect what matters. 

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