Published on 13/07/2014

There is plenty of literature out there with energy efficiency claims that seem to be “too good to be believed”.  Can you actually save up to 70% of the running costs of a pool pump by buying a multispeed or variable speed pump in it’s place?


The simple answer is…. yes you can! The exact amount of money you can save will depend on your specific pool setup, but when compared to the costs of a conventional pool pump, the savings are significant.


The reason is simple.  When you push a greater volume of water through pipework,  a lot of the energy goes to overcoming pipe friction – and in fact this amount of energy is disproportionate to the amount of water that flows.  Essentially, the energy operating cost of pushing more water rises faster, than the increase in flow you are getting.


A simple fact to remember is that reducing the flow rate by 50% reduces the energy used by 87%. So if you reduce your flow rate from 300lpm to 150lpm with a variable or multispeed pump, you can get half the flow for only 13% of the energy.


So that means you can run the pump for twice as long at 150lpm and only use 26% of the energy you would have used to deliver a flow of 300lpm.


The operating principle of a multispeed pump such as the Davey PMEco is that you use the lowest speed for cost effective filtration, the middle speed to run your suction cleaner and the high speed is only used for backwashing. By doing this, you are saving energy for the vast majority of the time the pump is running. The longer timeframe still allows you to achieve the required pool turnover but be way ahead on energy costs. 


For example: Running a multi speed pump such as the Davey PMEco will allow you to turn over a 60,000 litre pool (10m x 4m x 1.5m) in as little as 6 hours 40 minutes on low speed.


You can save even more if you partner your pool pump with a Davey PoolSweepa Robotic Cleaner. This will give you a level of clean beyond any suction cleaner but also help to reduce your power bill.  The fully robotic models are independently powered and do not require your pump to run them.


Whilst variable speed or multi speed pumps give you the ultimate in flexibility what matters most is that your filtration flow rate is right for your pool to do the job effectively.  Pool design and efficiency of pipework is an important factor and you can discuss this with one of our professional Davey pool dealers for further advice.


If variable or multispeed pumps are not right for your pool design, the Davey Silensor is another good option. Correctly specified this single speed pump has a very efficiently designed wet end and the water cooled motor offers very quiet running over older style traditional pool pumps.


Your local Davey Master Dealer can help you identify the pump you have and estimate how much you are likely to save by moving to an appropriately sized Davey pool pump.

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