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Davey Extended Warranty

The Davey extended warranty offer applies to a selected set of Davey Pool products from all participating Australian Davey Dealers from 1st November - 31st December 2018.

Participating Products:
  • PowerMasterECO Pool Pump (PMECO)
  • ProMaster Bluetooth VSD Pool Pumps (PM200BT, PM400BT)
  • CrystalClear Media Filters (DCC2140, DCC2540, DCC2550, DCC2850)
  • CrystalClear Cartridge Filters (39050, 39075, 39150, 39175, 39225)
  • ChloroMatic Salt Water Chlorinators (MCS16C, MCS24C, MCS36C, MCS50C, MCS16CT, MCS24CT)

Claiming your extended warranty is easy! Simply fill in the form below to register your purchase, and upload a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. Be sure to tick the "I am not a robot" box and submit just once for each receipt you have. Duplicate claims will be reviewed and only a single claim will be considered for each receipt / product.

Please fill in your details accurately - terms, conditions and exclusions apply. With any enquiries, please email promotions@davey.com.au.

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