Product Safety Action - EcoSalt Flowswitch

Product Recall - EcoSalt™ Salt Water Chlorinators

25 October 2016

Davey has announced a product recall in Australia for its range of EcoSalt™ Salt Water Chlorinators.  These EcoSalt chlorinators are used as a pool sanitation system in small to medium-sized domestic pools and large swim spas.  They have been manufactured and distributed by Davey for approximately 10 years.   The ACCC and SPASA have been notified.

The EcoSalt Chlorinator can be easily identified.   The cell is connected to the power supply and the power supply contains a label which identifies the product as an EcoSalt product and notes the product code.

Please note that this product recall was announced in October 2016 so you do not need to act if a mechanical flow switch has already been installed adjacent to your EcoSalt Chlorinator.  If in any doubt please use the contact details that appear below.  




What's the issue?

There have been reports of some cell components of the EcoSalt chlorinators fracturing/rupturing, causing damage to the cell and occasionally to connecting pipework. 

What's the hazard?

If the cell was to fracture or rupture, plastic fragments could be ejected and cause injury to bystanders.  No injuries have been reported at the time of this notice.

What needs to happen?

To all consumers who present in respect of the recall, Davey will install a mechanical flow switch in series with the gas sensor.  The free- of-charge installation will be undertaken by Davey or its Qualified Service Providers.   

Can I still use my EcoSalt Chlorinator?

Yes.   All consumers are reminded that, when operating their EcoSalt chlorinator, you must ensure there is sufficient water flowing through the cell when producing chlorine.  It is essential that your pool pump circulates sufficient water to completely fill the cell during the chlorination process.

I'm a consumer.   What should I do?

Davey highly recommends that consumers with an EcoSalt chlorinator:

  • read the supplementary product information ('Important Safety Instructions for Use') available at Davey's website ( and ensure that your pool pump circulates sufficient water to completely fill the cell during the chlorination process; and
  • organise the free installation of a mechanical flow switch by contacting Davey's EcoSalt Support Team  on 1300 889 387 between 9am and 5pm AEDT, Monday to Friday, by visiting ( or by contacting your local Davey pool equipment dealer.

I'm a supplier of EcoSalt Chlorinators.  What should I do?

Retailers and suppliers with any existing (unused) inventory of EcoSalt chlorinators are asked to contact the EcoSalt Support hotline to arrange for a free upgrade of their EcoSalt units.  Please contact our EcoSalt Support hotline on 1300 889 387 between 9am and 5pm AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Your personal safety and continued satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.  Furthermore, Davey Water Products takes pride in offering safe products of high quality and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this product recall may cause. 



Download the EcoSalt installation instruction

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