Monsoon Compact 1V Pumpset

Monsoon Compact 1V Pumpset
Davey's NEW Monsoon Compact 1V variable speed pump system. Ideal for agriculture and turf watering, commercial and industrial processes, pressure boosting in commercial buildings, rural and industrial water supply and commercial high pressure washing and water treatment.

WHY CHOOSE THE Monsoon Compact 1V Variable Speed Pump or Pump Set?

  • Provides constant pressure via variable speed control for single pumps up to 11kW.
  • All units are factory programmed to suit standard zero suction installations.
  • Simple to operate keypad with well-structured menu system which allows for fast commissioning and troublefree operation, including:
    • Graphical and text keypad with multiple language support
    • 3 colour LED status indicator on the control unit: 
    • Trend display for two signals at the same time
  • Easy commissioning tools ensure a hassle-free set up whatever the application. Easy diagnostic with help in plain text is provided for each parameter, signal and fault.
  • Easy integration with plant automation system using builtin Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet)
  • Automatic sensing of “no flow” condition via pressure boosting to protect the pump
  • Graphic keypad display shows pump operation, status and fault conditions, power on, pump running, VSD fault, high pressure and low pressure faults and no flow testing.
  • On-Off buttons on display module for easy manual intervention.
  • Selectable manual control for commissioning
  • Multiple digital and analogue inputs to allow for remote start input for control via an irrigation controller, or external sensor etc
  • Programmable output relays for external communications of fault conditions, lag pump or jockey pump operation
  • Easily selectable options for pump freezing shut down, pipe fill mode, pressure loss compensation, even the ability to add a priming pump if needed



Ideal for pumping clean, non-aggressive liquids, free of fibres in suspension, suitable for applications such as:-

  • Agriculture and turf watering
  • Commercial and industrial processes
  • Pressure boosting in commercial buildings
  • Water Supply – Rural and industrial
  • Commercial – High pressure washing and water treatment

Documents below are available for download

• Monsoon Compact 1V Datasheet
• Monsoon Compact Manual


Operating Limits   
Capacities to 40m3/hr (660 lpm)
Pressure heads to 160m
Liquid temperature range 0º to 70ºC
Input Power supply – single phase N/A
Input Power supply – three phase up to 11kW
Pump rotation  Anti-clockwise (top view)


Available fitted to:

  • VM3-15/3 to VM3-17/3 
  • VM5-7/3 to VM5-16/3 
  • VM10-4/3 to VM10-10/3 
  • VM16-2/3 to VM16-8/3 
  • VM32-2A/3 to VM32-6/3 

For full technical specifications on the Monsoon Compact 1V, please download the datasheet.