Monsoon Multi Pump Boosters

Monsoon Multi Pump Boosters

Industry leading fixed and variable speed Monsoon pumpset control systems

Monsoon 6C

For operation of up to 6 hydraulically similar pumps plus jockey pump. Ideal for when water demand is reasonably stable. The versatile Monsoon 6C cascades the pump operation for higher flow demands when required operating via electronic pressure sensing to ensure maximum operating efficiency.

The Monsoon 6C booster system uses a proven and easy to use interface making set  up and system adjustments simple. The advanced controller allows for multiple programmable pump protection features, fully adjustable menu system , programmable I/O remote control functions and can be supplied to customer specification with remote start , flashing and audible alarms, phase fail, lightning protection. Soft start or DOL configurations available.

Monsoon 3V or 6V

Under conditions of varying flow demand, the Monsoon 3V and 6V variable speed controllers, can vary the speed of pumps to deliver constant pressure. With variable speed control, the cost savings resulting from running pumps at a slower speed when demand drops can be substantial, offsetting the higher initial capital cost.

The Monsoon 6V controller automatically maintains the set point pressure by varying the speed of the VSD pump, switching other pumps on or off as required. When demand stops, the Monsoon 6V controller detects the lack of flow and places the system in standby/sleep mode. When demand resumes, the system pressure will drop below the system cut-in pressure and the Monsoon 6V controller will automatically start the pumps to maintain the set point pressure.


Monsoon 6C Pump Sets Multi-pump fixed speed sets using a common control system to provide progressive pump operation within set pressure parameters
Monsoon 3V+ Pump Sets Multi-pump variable speed system for up to 3 pumps. Standard model includes cascading pump operation
Monsoon 6V Pump Sets Multi-pump variable speed system for up to 6 pumps. Fully featured to provide constant water pressure within set parameters