Speedman Compact

Speedman Compact

Speedman Compact Constant Pressure Water Pressure Systems.

The Speedman Compact, constant pressure, variable speed water pressure systems with all stainless steel pump and baseplate, in two models capable of flows up to 130 lpm and heads to 66m. The maximum constant pressure when boosting incoming supply is 750kPa (76m).

Speedman Compact is an automatic pressure system for:

• Household, domestic and light industrial water supply
• Farming and agricultural water systems
• Irrigation and turf watering systems
• Automatic general water transfer
• Mains water pressure boosting

WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Speedman Compact with HM pump constant pressure system?

  1. Variable drive system provides lower running costs due to matching motor speed to hydraulic demand, and at the same time providing: 
    • Lower operating noise
    • Smoother water flow from outlets
    • Less pressure variation when other outlets are opened 
    • Under and over voltage protection 
    • Loss of prime protection 
    • Auto-retry in the event of fault 
    • Motor overload protection
  2. Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump with all hydraulic parts in stainless steel offers:
    • Is corrosion and wear resistant 
    • Low noise output
  3. Axial suction and vertical discharge
    • Compact design
    • Easy to install
  4. Stainless steel impellers with high efficiency impeller profile and thick self-centring impeller neck rings:-
    • High efficiency
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Low noise output
  5. Impellers mounted directly on extended motor shaft
    • Maximised performance per stage
    • High efficiency
    • Long motor and pump life
    • Increased wear resistance
  6. Pump casing assembly attached to motor bracket at 8 points with oring seal
    • Complete stainless casing
    • Better sealing
    • Longer service life

Documents below are available for download

• Speedman Compact Datasheet
• Speedman Compact Installation Instruction

TypeDescriptionMax Flow (lpm)InletOutlet
SMCHM60-10 Speedman Compact Constant Pressure With SMCHM60-10 90 1" ¼ F 1 ¼" F
SMCHM90-11 Speedman Compact Constant Pressure With SMCHM90-11 135 1 ¼” F 1 ¼" F