NEW MonsoonIQ Variable Speed Pumpsets

NEW MonsoonIQ Variable Speed Pumpsets

The Monsoon IQ booster system uses variable speed drives on Davey Pumps to control and cascade supply to match changing water demands

Monsoon IQ VSD


The NEW Monsoon IQ booster system

Our latest pump set package featuring an intuitive touchscreen with remote monitoring and control, plus system optimisation for pressure boosting applications. 


The Monsoon IQ booster system uses variable speed drives on Davey Pumps to control and cascade supply to match changing water demands. The system reaches full optimisation when connected to the cloud allowing access and peace of mind from anywhere in the world.



Designed to meet the daily demands of a variety of installations, including:

  • High rise building pressure boosting
  • Cold water pump set
  • Commercial rainwater harvesting
  • Crop and vineyard irrigation
  • Golf course and sports field irrigation
  • Municipal water supply substations
  • Commercial building water supply




The Monsoon IQ touchscreen interface has been specifically designed from user feedback to be easy to navigate, understand and adjust either on-site or remotely. The charts and status function enables quick view and fault identification. All communications are in user friendly language.



The Davey Monsoon IQ system comes ready to connect to the cloud via mobile network. The system also contains connection points for SCADA and BMS connection. The Monsoon IQ Cloud allows you to remotely control, optimise and monitor your system easily from any connected device.



At Davey, we understand no two jobs are the same. That’s why we have a team of sales engineers and a specialised production department to tailor the pump set for your needs.



The Monsoon IQ controller has many built-in features to help protect your pump set and reticulation network, such as our soft fill and limit features, which help protect against water surges and loss of prime.



The Monsoon IQ is a system built at Davey in Melbourne, Australia. When you install a Davey Monsoon IQ, you’re supporting local manufacturing, training and expertise.



The system consists of

  • A parallel pumpset
  • Pump controllers
  • A touch screen
  • A wireless modem and 
  • The necessary mechanical fittings. 

It is suitable for 6 pumps of any type and the unique electronic – hydraulic control ensures each pump operates at its maximum performance level by allocating optimal power to each pump.


Monsoon IQ is suitable for packaging with:

  • Davey Vertical Multistage VM pumps from VM1 through to VM95.

Standard system is 16 bar but higher pressure ratings are available on request. Please consult our VM range information for further information on the pumps. Details available here


  • Davey ISOspec (ISO2858) End Suction pumps. 

Up to 160kW per pump and six pumps. Please consult our ISOspec page for further details on our ISOspec range  Details available here


Monsoon IQ, like our whole commercial range are available as customisable systems.  Our commercial team are available to specify and quote to your duty requirements.


MonsoonIQ schematic