NEW 5150HD Honda Petrol Firefighter

NEW 5150HD Honda Petrol Firefighter

Davey's newly released 5150HD, rugged but economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by a Honda GP160 engine which is specially designed for domestic or infrequent use.



  • Domestic Outdoor Firefighting
  • Occasional water transfer
  • Sheep jetting
  • Emergency Irrigation


WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Firefighter® Petrol Powered Self Priming Pumps?


  • Patented clamped impeller design to enable longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage.
  • Single stage design provides the versatility of high flow rates with strong pressure.
  • Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life. 
  • Pump casing, diffusers and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life.
  • 3 way discharge port for easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes.
  • Patented floating impeller neckrings front and back. The front neckring helps improve pumping efficiency, the back neckring helps extend seal life and dramatically reduce engine wear.
  • Self priming from 7m for more versatile installation options.
  • Large priming and drain port with bayonet fit plugs. Plugs have safety retention system, plus are available with 1/4” tapping to accept pressure gauges or drain cocks.
  • The new GP160 is based on the proven design of its heavy duty brother, the GX160. The difference is in the modification of some components to better suit the less arduous requirements of the normal home owner where annual usage may be no more than 150 hours.
  • Where your application requires frequent and long hours of usage Davey recommend the extensive range of Davey 5 Series Firefighter pumps equipped with Honda GX series engines.
  • Honda GP160 engines conform to the environmental requirements of the European EPA standards, to help look after the environment.


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NEW 5150HD Honda Petrol

 Code Single Stage   Code Twin Stage  DescriptionInlet SizeOutlet SizeNo. of OutletsFuel Tank
5150HD N/A NEW MODEL with Honda GP160 petrol engine 1 ½" M

2 x 1" M

1 x 1 ½" M


 3.6 L


Other Honda Petrol Firefighters in the range:


 Type - Single Stage Type - Twin Stage Engine Capacity (CC) Description
5155H 5255H 163 Honda GX160 with 4 way outlet
5155H23W 5255H23W 163 Honda GX160 with 3 way outlet
5165H 5265H 196 Honda GX200 with 4 way outlet
5165HV13W 5265HV13W 196 Honda GX200 with 3 way outlet and viton seals
 5165H23W 5265H23W  196 Honda GX200 with 3 way outlet 
 5165HV3 5265HV3  196 Honda GX200 with 3 way outlet and viton seals
 5165HE 5265HE  196 Honda GX200 with 3 way outlet, electric start
 5190HE 5290HE  270 Honda GX270 with 3 way outlet, electric start
 5113HE 5213HE  389 Honda GX390 with 3 way outlet, electric start
 5165B 5265B  205 Briggs & Stratton Vanguard with 4 way outlet
N/A 5210BE 296 Briggs & Stratton Vanguard with 3 way outlet, electric start 
N/A 5213BE 391 Briggs & Stratton Intek with 3 way outlet, electric start