Davey DynaDrive

The new Davey DynaDrive - pressure never felt so good



Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump with all hydraulic parts in stainless steel - suitable for high water temperatures, corrosion & wear resistant, compact design and easy to install.

Why choose the Davey DynaDrive constant pressure system?

  • Stainless steel impellers with high efficiency impeller profile and thick self-centring impeller neck rings for: 
    • High efficiency
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Low noise output
  • Air purging valve and stage porting:
    • Easier priming
    • Less susceptible to air leaks
    • Improved dependability
  • Impellers mounted directly on extended motor shaft:
    • Maximise performance per stage
    • High efficiency
    • Long motor and pump life
    • Increased wear resistance
  • Pump casing assembly attached to motor bracket at 8 points with o-ring seal:
    • Complete stainless casing
    • Better sealing
    • Longer service life
  • Davey built, totally enclosed fan cooled (TFEC) electric motor:
    • Sealed and greased for life motor bearings
    • Oversized drive bearing
    • Longer life
    • Easy service
    • Economical and quiet running

Documents below are available for download

• DynaDrive Installation & Operating Instructions
• DynaDrive Datasheet

The new Davey DynaDrive - pressure never felt so good

 Type Description kW (P1) kW (P2) Max Flow @ 400kPa (ltr / min) Inlet Outlet
DD60-10 Davey DynaDrive Constant Pressure System  1.1 0.8  48 1" ¼ F 1" M
DD90-11 Davey DynaDrive Constant Pressure System  1.3 0.9  72 1¼” F 1" M


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