SpaPower Chain Lighting for your spa pool and surrounds.

Clean water and good flow are the nuts and bolts of any spa. But lights are the glitz and glamour to make your investment come alive.

With Davey SpaPower chain lights you can add glowing ambience or animated colour to your spa that can be easily activated using your Davey Spa controller.


Documents below are available for download

• SpaPower Datasheet
• Pool & Spa Consumer Brochure

TypeDescriptionWattsCompatible With
QRDL7GSL Spa Slave Light 0.75 SP400, SP601, SP800, SP1200
QRD5LH 5” Slave Light Housing N/A SP400, SP601, SP800, SP1200
QRDPLW POL Light Wire (1 metre) N/A SP800, SP1200
QRDPLW2 POL Light Wire (2 metres) N/A SP800, SP1200
QRDQUADPOL 20” Quad POL Unit (4 LEDs) 1.2 SP800, SP1200
QRDDBLPOL 20” Double POL Unit (2 LEDs) 0.6 SP800, SP1200
QRDMPH*100 Mini POL Housing - pack of 100 N/A SP800, SP1200
K16POL Kit - Light & housing, 2 x 1m light wire,2 x 2m light wire & 4 x 4 LEDs N/A SP800, SP1200













Note: Up to 60 POL's can be run from Davey SP800 & SP1200 controllers.