OzoMatic Ozone Generators

OzoMatic Ozone Generators

Davey OzoMatic Ozone Generator

Gentle to people, safe for the environment and a powerful oxidiser, the Davey OzoMatic reduces chemical usage and costs only a few cents a day to run. Davey OzoMatic, together with your Davey salt water sanitiser, produces pristine quality water, naturally.

Davey OzoMatic Ozone Generator

The Davey OzoMatic Ozone Generator offers the perfect supplementary sanitiser system for your swimming pool or spa pool.

Ozone is a powerful sanitiser, and when combined with either bromine or chlorine as the primary sanitiser, it will further reduce harmful bacteria and contaminants in the water. Ozone is a natural substance that costs only a few cents a day to produce but when combined with a primary sanitiser produces perfect, crystal clear water.

The Davey OzoMatic range also features residential and commercial ozone injectors and manifolds, as well as a pressure gauge assembly for accurate measure of your ozone system.

The Davey OzoMatic Ozone Generator is available for spa pool sizes up to 3000litres, with larger models for swimming pool sizes up to 600,000 litres.  

*Ozone generators must be used as a supplementary sanitiser only. Your primary pool sanitising system must provide a sanitsier residual of 1.5ppm to 3.0ppm


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OzoMatic ozone generator

TypeOutputCapacity Pool (L)Capacity Spa (L)
MOG 15 0.08g/hr  15,000 2000
MOG 60 0.08g/hr
60,000 3500
MOG 120 0.08g/hr
120,000 7000


Del Ozonator ozone generator

ModelOutputCapacity Spa (L)
Q5000 0.05g/hr 2000